Four For The Final Four

Thursday night I had dinner at The Penny Farthing Bar and Restaurant in NYC’s East Village. The combination of wood paneled walls, wooden booths and candle lit lighting made me feel like I was walking into an 1800s saloon, minus the cowboys.

The menu was extensive, offering everything from butternut squash risotto to bangers and mash to buffalo wings! One order, mild or hot, was $8 and served with carrots, celery, and chunky bleu cheese. I chose hot wings for an appetizer and the steak BLT as my main course.

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Weigh-In Wednesday: Day 89

Since I started this wing project, the one question I probably get asked the most is, “How much weight have you gained?” This prompted me to purchase a scale and do a weekly weigh-in. Every Wednesday, I am going to step on the scale and post my results alongside my beginning weight and the total number of days I’ve exercised this year.

Today’s weight: 198 lbs
Weight on January 1, 2011: 211 lbs
Wings ate: 529
Days exercised: 0

Yes, you read right. I’ve lost 13 pounds. How? Up until wing 200, I was drinking beer almost every time I went out for wings. It started to catch up with me as I noticed my clothes getting tighter. It was a combination of 4 things: lots of wings, lots of beer, no exercise, and a 9-5 desk job. I knew that if I wanted to give myself a legitimate chance to reach my meaty milestone without weighing 2,011 pounds, I had to hit the gym hard or cut back on the bottle. I chose the latter. I’m happy with my decision and I feel wing-tastic.

It’s March And I Feel Good!

I have the best parents in the world. They drove 9 hours from Ohio to New Jersey to help me move into my new apartment. When the move was over, we made our way to Secaucus, New Jersey, to pick up some things to make my new place a little cozier. After three solid hours of shopping, it was time to eat.

This is where we stumbled upon Feel Good Restaurant & Lounge, a small family eatery just off the highway. The inside was very modern, dark and private, and the menu was extensive. I wasn’t in the mood for wings, but my parents were in town, so I had to show off!

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Atomic Fail

After a disastrous outing at Nice Guy Eddie’s that left me on the pooper for 24 hours, I was ready to get back out there and add to my wing count. Still a bit sore from a day’s worth of digestive fail, I decided it was in my best interest to order in – just in case my bowels decided to act up. Ugh.

I picked up the phone and called Atomic Wings, a popular franchise in New York City, whose wings come fresh from Buffalo. Their menu is paradise for wing lovers like myself, offering thirteen sauces (Mild, Medium, Hot, Abusive, Nuclear, Suicidal, BBQ, Honey Mustard, Teriyaki, Jerk BBQ, Sweet & Tangy, Garlic Parmesan, Chipotle BBQ).

I played it safe, steered clear of hot sauce, and ordered 10 medium, 10 honey mustard, and a side of waffle fries with cheese and gravy (why not).

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