My Life Is A Bliss

Yesterday I did my first ever radio interview. It was with Tom Dunne from News Talk Ireland in Dublin. He reached out to me last week after reading about my wing project. The chat was originally supposed to take place on Monday, but it got bumped back because the leader of their country was about to get kicked out of office – true story. I don’t follow Irish politics closely, but this was worthy of a little research. Ireland’s leader is Prime Minister Brian Cowen. Apparently, party lawmakers were unhappy with his handling of Ireland’s debt crisis forcing an early election. In September he was accused of being drunk and hungover during a radio interview. I like this guy. Anyways, back to my interview.

Since Ireland is 5 hours ahead of me over here on the East coast, the interview took place at 6:40am. That was a challenge for me. Let’s just say I’m not a morning person. The station called and before I knew it I was on the air, live and international!

After the jump is a complete transcription of the interview. It’s a little lengthy, but definitely worth the read. When you’ve finished reading, post your favorite quote in the comments.

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The First Of Many “Meaty Milestones”

After polishing off 18 wings on Martin Luther King Day, I entered Tuesday with 93 wings under my belt (literally). I was so close to 100 I could taste it. It was time for me to reach my first “Meaty Milestone”: #100. That entire day I sat in my cubicle with one thing on my mind. Where would I consume that precious 100th wing? After hours of Googling for the perfect place, a place I’ve never been before, I decided to hit up this small Irish pub under the Hoboken 14th street viaduct called Carpe Diem. It is considered by many to be a hidden gem in town. I’ve eaten at Carpe a handful of times, but I had never tried their buffalo wings. But I do recall seeing someone order them before and they looked legit.

After work I went home and relaxed for a bit and then made my way over to Carpe Diem. The bar area is really small but there is surprisingly a lot of seating. Bar stools and a few two seat tables surround the bar giving the room a cozy feeling. I got a seat at the bar, ordered a frosty Coors Light draft and asked for the menu. One order of wings was $9 and they offered 3 sauces: Buffalo, BBQ, or honey glaze. I went with BBQ. Before I could take three sips of my beer, my wings were served. Boy, did they look and smell delicious. It turns out an order is 10 wings, which isn’t too shabby if you ask me. One order at Green Rock will get you 9 wings and a lot of other places give you less than that. I was a happy camper.

It was time to eat. My milestone meat sticks were served and the presentation was very impressive. The wings were served on a full size dinner plate with fresh lettuce and baby carrots. The dipping sauce was ranch. I’m a fan of both bleu cheese and ranch, so that didn’t matter to me. The wings were coated with just the right amount of BBQ sauce. Not too much, not too little. They were average size, but not overly meaty. The meat though was very tender. I had them down in 15 minutes and was satisfied with my choice. I will definitely be back.

I’d like to thank the fine people at Carpe Diem for sharing my first “Meaty Milestone” with me and encourage all Hobokeners who dare to make their way Uptown to check out this hidden gem under the viaduct.

Milestones: I consumed wing #100
2011 Wing Count: 103
Sauce: BBQ
Rating: 4 Tums

Jersey Cares, The Ultimate Wingman Cares

Yesterday I participated in the 3rd annual Jersey Cares Martin Luther King Day of Service, where I helped children craft “I have a dream” dream-catchers and charity wreaths. I told my buddy Jordan about it and he joked, “Did you show them the art of eating a chicken wing?” Haha. No, I didn’t but I did get wings afterward.

When the community service project ended, I considered going home and ordering from Wings To Go (their lemon pepper wings are off the hook!), but it was Monday and that means .35 cent wings at Green Rock, right? Not exactly. Now, I’ve reviewed Green Rock’s chicken wings before, so I’m not going to go into much detail about the wings themselves in this post. But I will go into detail about my experience.

I took a seat at a table and asked for 20 wings, which would run me $7 at the .35 cent special price. The server then informed me the special didn’t start til 5pm. I so badly wanted to ask if they could make an exception for the Ultimate Wingman but I didn’t. Anyways, I had to get 2 orders (9 wings per order) at $9 apiece, so I ended up eating 18 wings for $18. Not a great deal, but the wings were good. Lesson learned – don’t go for .35 cent wings on Mondays until after 5pm, unless the owners want to make an exception for the wingman 😉

I’ve rated Green Rock’s wings 4.5 Tums in the past, but since I didn’t get the special price, this time they get a 4.

2011 Wing Count: 93
Sauce: Hot
Rating: 4 Tums


Yesterday I went to Zack’s Oak Bar & Restaurant, a family owned traditional cuisine, in Hoboken, NJ to catch the second half of the Jets-Patriots divisional playoff game and grab some dinner. I have never been to Zack’s before, but heard good things and it has a lot of history. I wasn’t planning on ordering wings, but what do you know, they were on the menu, so I thought I’d give ’em a try. I dialed up one order of buffalo wings, which is 6 wings for $7. Boy, I wish I didn’t. They were tiny and reminded me the wings on the Ponderosa all you can eat lunch buffet. As bad as they were, I can’t rag on Zack’s as they are not known for their wings. My main course (stuffed chicken) was delicious and the service was outstanding. The atmosphere was great, too.

Oh yeah, the Jets beat the Patriots 28-21. I’m not a Jets fan, but I’ll say it for all my green-blooded buddies, “J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS.”

2011 Wing Count: 75
Sauce: Buffalo
Rating: 0 Tums

Pics, Laughs & Wings With Metromix New York

After receiving good press on my “wing project” in Time Magazine and Asylum, Metromix New York, a local entertainment guide, reached out to me for an interview and photoshoot. For the shoot, they asked me to pick the location and said they would buy me an order of wings. I chose Croxley Ales in New York City’s East Village because it’s my favorite wing joint in the city.

The shoot was great and so were the wings. I dialed up one order of medium, which is 12 wings. I ate 10 and the photographer ate 2. We had a lot of fun with the shoot and took some really cool pics, including a shot of my head on the bar, in food coma with sauce all over my face and mouth open. They didn’t use it for the article, but trust me, it’s awesome. If I get my hands on it, I’ll post it.

Anyways, the medium wings were good as always. Croxley’s never disappoints.

2011 Wing Count: 69
Sauce: Hennessey
Rating: 4.5 Tums