New Year’s Day. It’s On.

I rolled out of bed around 2pm with a killer hangover (Great NYE party, Pete!) and popped my first Ibuprofen of the new year. Dizzy and hungry, I didn’t bother to open my refrigerator because I knew what I’d find – nothing. Realizing I only had 365 days to eat 2,011 wings, I picked up the phone and called the King of Wings & Pizza in Hoboken. I ordered a 6 pack of mild wings and a cheese steak. King of Wings & Pizza is a newer establishment in Hoboken and I’ve only ordered there a few times. When I did, the delivery was quick and the wings were legit. This time my order arrived in 20 minutes and the wings were just as good as I remembered them – evenly cooked, meaty, great flavor. They nearly single-handedly (no offense to the cheese steak) cured my hangover in time for me to enjoy the Rose Bowl game. So, if you ever wake up in Hoboken with your head spinning from a night of drinking, I suggest giving the King of Wings & Pizza a buzz.

2011 Wing Count – 6
Sauce: Mild
Rating – 3 Tums

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