Pass The Hennessy

I woke up with no intentions to eat wings today, until I got to work. I settled into my Times Square cubicle, fired up my laptop, checked my Google alerts, and nearly crapped my pants. Time Magazine did a story on my wing project! Two days before, broke the story with this interview. Shortly after Time posted their story my inbox filled up with emails from restaurants and bars across the country asking me to try their wings and sauces. I even received a few radio interview requests. It was time to celebrate – with wings, of course!

Working in Times Square, my wing options were limited. So my buddy Clarence and I decided to hit up Dallas BBQ. I dialed up a half order of Hennessey wings, which is 5 wings. Wait, only 5? That’s weak, right? Hold up. 5 Dallas BBQ wings are equal to 10 regular sized wings because they are the whole wing – all three parts. They definitely filled me up but the sauce was a little too sweet. Also, they put a dent in my pocket. One order (5 wings) ran me $8.99! I know it’s Times Square and all, but c’mon man! That’s steep.

Overall, the wings weren’t that great (see my rating below). But you can’t beat the atmosphere. There’s a small, intimate seating area downstairs when you walk in and a massive cafeteria style room upstairs. If you ever make it out to Times Square, check it out and order a big ass coke and the “Early Bird Special.” Amazing deal. Details below.

TWO FULL MEALS FOR 2 chicken vegetable soups, 2 rotisseried half chickens served with cornbread and a choice of potatoes or yellow rice.

* Double white meat $2.00

* HONEY OR BARBEQUE basted $1.00

Monday thru Friday: 11 a.m. to noon, 2 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Saturday & Sunday: 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Must be seated by this time, dining room only. No delivery. No holidays. Not available for groups larger than 10 people.

2011 Wing Count: 59
Sauce: Hennessey
Rating: 1 Tums

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