Pics, Laughs & Wings With Metromix New York

After receiving good press on my “wing project” in Time Magazine and Asylum, Metromix New York, a local entertainment guide, reached out to me for an interview and photoshoot. For the shoot, they asked me to pick the location and said they would buy me an order of wings. I chose Croxley Ales in New York City’s East Village because it’s my favorite wing joint in the city.

The shoot was great and so were the wings. I dialed up one order of medium, which is 12 wings. I ate 10 and the photographer ate 2. We had a lot of fun with the shoot and took some really cool pics, including a shot of my head on the bar, in food coma with sauce all over my face and mouth open. They didn’t use it for the article, but trust me, it’s awesome. If I get my hands on it, I’ll post it.

Anyways, the medium wings were good as always. Croxley’s never disappoints.

2011 Wing Count: 69
Sauce: Hennessey
Rating: 4.5 Tums

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