Jersey Cares, The Ultimate Wingman Cares

Yesterday I participated in the 3rd annual Jersey Cares Martin Luther King Day of Service, where I helped children craft “I have a dream” dream-catchers and charity wreaths. I told my buddy Jordan about it and he joked, “Did you show them the art of eating a chicken wing?” Haha. No, I didn’t but I did get wings afterward.

When the community service project ended, I considered going home and ordering from Wings To Go (their lemon pepper wings are off the hook!), but it was Monday and that means .35 cent wings at Green Rock, right? Not exactly. Now, I’ve reviewed Green Rock’s chicken wings before, so I’m not going to go into much detail about the wings themselves in this post. But I will go into detail about my experience.

I took a seat at a table and asked for 20 wings, which would run me $7 at the .35 cent special price. The server then informed me the special didn’t start til 5pm. I so badly wanted to ask if they could make an exception for the Ultimate Wingman but I didn’t. Anyways, I had to get 2 orders (9 wings per order) at $9 apiece, so I ended up eating 18 wings for $18. Not a great deal, but the wings were good. Lesson learned – don’t go for .35 cent wings on Mondays until after 5pm, unless the owners want to make an exception for the wingman 😉

I’ve rated Green Rock’s wings 4.5 Tums in the past, but since I didn’t get the special price, this time they get a 4.

2011 Wing Count: 93
Sauce: Hot
Rating: 4 Tums

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