Cold Chicken Wings vs. Cold Jets Offense: What’s Worse?

Last week I received a text from my buddy Wes. We went to high school together and became good friends through our school’s post-secondary options program, which permits high school students to earn college credit or high school graduation credit through college coursework. He and his fiance were going to be in New York City for the weekend. Wes and I had some good times, so I was excited to catch up with him and meet his fiance. I hadn’t seen him in two years.

Wes and I are both big sports freaks, so it was only fitting for us to watch the Jets-Steelers AFC Championship game together. I’m a Cleveland Browns fan, so I obviously wasn’t rooting for the Steelers (If you do not know much about NFL football, the Browns and Steelers are big rivals). To no surprise, the bars were jam-packed for the game. The first three bars we went to were over capacity and refusing people at the door. Cold, hungry, and desperately wanting to watch the game, we stumbled upon Emmett O-Lunney’s, a family-owned Irish pub in the heart of New York’s Theater District. I have watched games there before, but I have never tried their wings. We walked in and were seated immediately. The server was kind enough to pull up an extra table to give us more elbow room.

Wes and I both got a single order of mild wings, which is 9 wings for $11.95. The price was a little steep, but we were steps away from Times Square, so I wasn’t surprised. The wings were served in 10 minutes. They weren’t too big or too small, they were just the right size. I took a bite and they were were cold, like the Jets offense in the first half! I could only bear to eat 4 wings from my order. Wes’ friend gave me 5 wings from his sampler platter – they were much warmer. I ate 9 wings total.

On a positive note, the mild sauce did have some kick, requiring a second beer. Our server was great, too. A minute didn’t pass by where I didn’t have a fresh beer in my hand. The meat was tender, but not as tender as those chipotle honey BBQ wings I had at the Black Bear in Hoboken on Thursday, where the meat was literally falling off the bone.

Unlike my wings, the Jets offense heated up in the second half, but fell short of what would have been one of the greatest comebacks in NFL playoff history, 24-19.

If you’re ever in Times Square, craving wings, and need a break from the tourist crowds, check out Emmett O’Lunney’s. Hopefully your wing experience is better than mine.

2011 Wing Count: 130
Sauce: Mild
Rating: 1.5 Tums

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