Hello, Iowa!

Last week I talked about my quest to eat 2,011 chicken wings in the year 2011 on Dwyer & Michaels Morning Show in Davenport, Iowa. Dwyer & Michaels are also known as the “2 Dorks”, which happens to be the URL for their website (www.2dorks.com). Front and center on their homepage is this animated GIF.

I knew I was in for a treat.

In our chat, we talk about the reality of consuming 2,011 wings in 365 days and how it affects my appetite for other foods, the perks of being The Ultimate Wingman, my fitness routine (How often do I really exercise?), dating, and Rock of Love Bus With Bret Michaels (I’m a web content producer for VH1).

Click the Play Button on the MP3 player below to listen to my entire chat with Dwyer & Michaels.
Listen to my entire chat with Dwyer & Michaels Morning Show

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