20 Chicken Wings And 19 Inches Of Snow

Wednesday evening I took the wing challenge to Lansdowne Road Sports Bar. When I kicked off my journey to “wing heaven” 28 days ago, my buddy Pete, who hails from Buffalo and knows a thing or two about chicken wings, claimed Lansdowne’s “World Famous Scruffy Duffy Wings” were to die for. Scruffy Duffy’s was a very popular sports bar in NYC’s Hell’s Kitchen, which closed in 2007. Some referred to it as “the coolest place in Hell’s Kitchen” and their wings were coined by many as the best in the city. Unfortunately, I never got to try them. I was excited to see what they were all about.

I entered the bar at 8pm, where I was joined by my buddy Jordan and his co-worker Kevin, who is fittingly a wing fanatic from Buffalo.  The bar was packed, but thankfully it’s a big place so we were able to secure a table. We ordered a round of beers, $4 Sam Adams was the special, and scoped out the menu. 12 pieces ($7.95), 24 pieces ($12.95), 50 pieces ($23.95) and choice of 4 sauces: Hot, medium, mild or BBQ. We ordered 50 pieces (25 hot, 25 medium) and extra hot sauce on the side.

20 minutes after placing our order, Scruffy Duffy’s world famous chicken wings were served. Pretty impressive considering how crowded the bar was. Steam was rolling out of the baskets. The hot wings looked crispy and were doused with a buttery sauce of fire orange color.

I bit into a hot wing. Holy… HOT! I reached for my beer to put out the fire, but it wasn’t working. I took a swig of water. Ahhh, there we go. H2O did the trick. The meat was substantial and fleshy. You had to work a bit to get it off the bone. What made these wings really special, though, were the sauce. Landsdowne doesn’t screw around. If you want hot, you get hot.

Time for a medium wing. They looked crunchy and tasted it. The sauce had a gold sparkle to it and didn’t have much of a kick so there was no need to reach for a beverage to chill my taste buds. The meat was evenly cooked just like the hot wings. If hot sauce and you don’t get along, I recommend the medium sauce.

2 hot, a drink of water, 2 medium. 2 hot, a drink of water, 2 medium. That’s how it went down that night. In total, I ate 10 hot and 10 medium wings. Between the 3 of us our bill was $72. Not bad for 50 wings, a handful of beers, and lots of laughs.

I threw on my jacket and looked outside. Holy… SNOW! It was blizzarding outside. I woke up the next morning to 19 inches of snow, one inch less than the number of wings I consumed.

I was very impressed with the world famous Scruffy Duffy wings my friend Pete had been raving about. I will definitely be back. If you are ever in the area, you have to check out Lansdowne Road NYC. Every Monday all day/all night, wings are 25 cents. Tell them The Ultimate Wingman sent you.

2011 Wing Count: 150
Sauce: Hot, Medium
Rating: 4.5 Tums

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