My First World Record – Part 1

Last week I attended URDB World Record Appreciation Society Event #20 at Brooklyn’s Littlefield. URDB (Universal Record Database) is an open platform website that hosts over 5,000 world records. The New Yorker describes it as.…

The Universal Record Database, a Web site that is to the Guinness World Records as Wikipedia is to the Encyclopedia Britannica, bills itself as the ‘definitive site for human achievement.’ This means there’s finally a place, at least online, for people who aspire to achieve such distinctions as ‘Longest Suspension of Tape Measure While Standing on One Foot’ and ‘Slowest Consumption of a Bowl of Cereal.

The event was hosted by co-founders Dan Rollman and Corey Henderson. Both make regular appearances on the Jimmy Fallon Show, where they recently helped actress Cameron Diaz set a world record for “Most Bunnies Snuggled With In A Hammock.”

That night I was joined by former co-worker and good friend, Jim Macnie. We worked together at VH1 and haven’t seen each other in a long time so it was a great opportunity for us to catch up, laugh, throw back suds, and possibly set our own world record.

As it turned out, you had to sign up to attempt a record prior to the event. If time permitted, a few lucky audience members could come on stage and take stabs at the record books.

There were a handful of world records set that night, including Most Casio Preset Rhythms Played At Once, Most eBay Packages Opened In One Minute and Most Movies Added To A Netflix Queue In 2 Minutes.

After the final scheduled record attempt, Dan and Corey asked the crowd if anyone who had not signed up for a record prior to the show was brave enough to come on stage and attempt a record. Jim grabbed me and the props be brought with him, in hopes of setting a world record that night (acoustic guitar, Hostess Sno Balls, and chicken wings) and darted for the stage.

What happened after that? Ultimate Wingman FTW. Check back this week for
the full video and breakdown of our first world record!

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