Hat Trick At Buffalo Cantina

Every Supreme Court Justice in this great country of ours must be sworn in over the Holy Bible before they can take seat. The same is true for judges of The Best Wings In Brooklyn Competition, except we are sworn in over chicken wings. My job is way cooler.

Nick D’Arienzo from Red Star, the bar hosting the wing event I will be participating in, invited me to Buffalo Cantina in Williamsburg so he could officially swear me in. Buffalo Cantina is a casual Mexican restaurant whose menu has an extensive wings section. Sauces include, Teriyaki, BBQ, Sweet Chili, Jerk, Chipotle, Buffalo Wings (hot, hotter, or suicidal), Pan Fried Tofu (plain, hot, hotter, suicidal). This place is also famous for its “Seppuku Challenge.” In 2009, Man vs. Food’s Adam Richman attempted the “Suicide Challenge”, an older version of the Seppuku Challenge.

In the Seppuku Challenge, you must eat 12 Seppuku wings (rumored to be 10x hotter than the suicide wings) in 3 minutes and remain seated for an additional 3 minutes after eating them. No blue cheese, dairy, napkins, gloves are allowed during the challenge.

I contemplated braving the challenge until I read the fine print of the waiver you must sign…

No thanks. 2011 is only 31 days old. My a$$h@!e was happy with my decision.

Instead, Nick and I ordered 6 sweet chili and 6 chipotle wings ($5.50 each). It did not take long for them to come out of the kitchen. They were served with celery, carrots and blue cheese. The wings themselves were meat heavy at the top and skinny from the neck down. Think about the guy in the gym who only does curls. That’s what they looked like. Anyway, the sauce was evenly distributed on the wing – not too much, not too little.

I sampled the chipotle family first. They instantly reminded me of the chipotle honey BBQ wings at Black Bear in Hoboken. The sauce was sweet but not spicy, the skin was crisp, and the meat was soft. It didn’t take much effort to get it off the bone. Besides the lack of meat on the bone, they were appetizing.

Next I entertained the spicy chili wings. These tasted like their name and had some kick. The burn began 3 chews following the bite. The meat had a firm grip to the bone, requiring work to get it off. But it was worth the effort as the meat was incredibly tender and full of juice. I have never eaten a spicy chili wing, so I did not know what to expect. I was impressed.

4 spicy chili and 4 chipotle wings in my tummy, and I was still hungry. Nick suggested teriyaki (they are his favorite), so we ordered a 6-pack. Like the others, they were small and the sauce was evenly distributed. The skin was silky, not crunchy, and the meat was in love with the bone. It just didn’t want to let go! When the meat did give way, it was enjoyable and didn’t take me long to eat 3.

No, I did not attempt the Seppuku Challenge, but I did complete a hat trick (eating wings is a sport, right?) by trying 3 different sauces, and I was sworn in as a judge for Red Star’s 2nd Annual Best Wings In Brooklyn Competition! The event takes place Saturday, February 12 at 2pm. It is FREE to the public! That’s right, no cover, no charge for sampling the wings! Taste Brooklyn’s best and say hello to The Ultimate Wingman.

2011 Wing Count: 169
Sauce: Chipotle, Spicy Chili, T
Rating: 3 Tums

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