Chillin’ With ‘TheBoken’ At Gaslight

A few weeks ago, TheBoken Online, a site that provides extensive coverage of the Hoboken, NJ restaurant, nightlife and bar scene, did a story about my New Year’s Resolution to eat 2,011 chicken wings in 2011. In it, they referred to me as “Hoboken’s Chicken Wing Super Hero” and wrote me a little note…

To you Ultimate Wingman we have a lot of questions we would like to ask, over wings of course, so to you sir come out of your “wingcave” and address the masses!

It was on! The Ultimate Wingman had a date with the TheBoken.

Where? Gaslight Restaurant & Bar in Hoboken.

Several blocks off Hoboken’s main street, Gaslight is a great neighborhood spot to watch sports, but also to sit down for a quiet dinner. It is one of my favorite places to get brunch. I had never tried their wings – that was about to change.

I took the bus from work to Gaslight, where I was greeted by TheBoken co-founders Adam Lazzara and Brian Pepe, their friends James and Matt, and a bar full of Hobokenites eagerly waiting to catch a glimpse of The Ultimate Wingman. They were hungry with questions and I was full of answers. After spilling my chicken guts and revealing the secret to staying passionate about my wing journey, it was time to check out the menu.

Gaslight’s breaded wings come in two sauces, hot or BBQ, and are served with carrots, celery and blue cheese. Decisions, decisions… hot or BBQ? It was a coin flip. The guys suggested BBQ, so I took their advice and dialed up one order, which is 10 wings for $8.

It didn’t take long for the kitchen to bring out the wings. In 12 minutes, the steam from the wing hotness was heating up my bar seat. Gaslight was not cheap with the sauce. The abundance of it left a pool of BBQ on my plate. Take a dip in that…

The order was a nice mixture of drumsticks vs wings, just how I like to eat ’em – drumstick, wing, drumstick, wing. They were not the biggest wings I have seen but these bad boys appeared to have some meat on their bones. I took a bite and my eyes didn’t lie – they were burly and BBQ-y.

The sauce was thick and left a sweet tang on my taste buds. On bite, the breaded skin collapsed off the meat and melted in my mouth like a wet hot dog bun. The meat itself was tender, but not overly juicy. They were extremely easy to eat. I had 7 down before I reached for my drink.

After polishing off my plate, I threw back some suds and shared some laughs with boys from TheBoken. It was a wing-tastic time. There will be a second date.

TheBoken also recapped our night out on their site. Check out the story… The Ultimate Wingman Tackles The Gaslight.

2011 Wing Count: 179
Sauce: BBQ

Rating: 3.5 Tums

Photo credit: TheBoken

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