Happy 9th Anniversary, Green Rock!

After throwing back 27 wings while judging the Best Wings In Brooklyn Competition, my 2011 wing count was 268, putting me 31 wings ahead of pace (5.5 wings per day) for day 43. My digestive system had worked extremely hard to build me this lead, so I decided to reward it with a little wing-cation. For the next 7 days, I replaced wings with salads and veggies. By day 50, I was fully rested and feeling good. I was ready to do what I was brought to this planet to do – eat chicken wings.

I went back to work at one of my favorite places to get my wing on – Hoboken’s Green Rock Tap & Grill. That night (Sunday) they just happened to be celebrating their 9th anniversary. The place was jam-packed. I managed to make my way to the bar and ordered a beverage. Not long after, a couple of my buddies rolled through. None of us had to work on Monday thanks to good ole President’s Day, so we were looking to get it going. A few drinks deep, I bumped into Mike Gallucci, one of the owners of Green Rock. He and I had chatted over email a few times after I praised their wings in the Asylum story about my New Year’s Resolution to eat 2,011 chicken wings in 2011, but this was his first face-to-face with The Ultimate Wingman. After giving him a wing count update, he introduced me to some of his colleagues and gave me this cool t-shirt…

And of course, a plate of their delicious wings….

Since I’ve reviewed Green Rock’s wings before, I’m not going to delve into much detail about them. They were as good as always. Meaty, juicy, tender, and buttery, with just enough kick to keep my taste buds on alert.

Craving wings now, aren’t ya?

2011 Wing Count: 277
Sauce: Hot
Rating: 4 Tums

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