Hello, Johnny Meatballs!

Last Wednesday, I had the privilege of taking my wing tour to the home of the Meatball King of New Jersey / VH1’s My Big Friggin’ Wedding star, Johnny Meatballs. Back in December of 2010, Johnny and his wife Megin dropped by VH1 headquarters (where I work) to give the staff a taste of his famous meatballs. Not long after his visit, Johnny reached out to me on Twitter when he read about my Meaty New Year’s Resolution. He wanted me to try his Super Spicy Wings topped with his savory “Special 10-Spice Blend”, the same blend used on his meatballs. This was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

Johnny began crafting his wing recipe several weeks prior to my visit, teasing me with Facebook photos. When Wednesday, March 2, 2011 arrived, my taste buds were eager to try out his Super Spicy Wings. Coincidentally, my parents happened to be in town that evening, so I brought them with me as my wingtourage. As we approached Johnny’s neighborhood, I told Mom to turn off the GPS, and let my nose do the navigating. The smell of sauces and seasonings in the air led us to the Meatball home. Inside, Johnny was hard at work in the kitchen, putting the final touches on his Super Spicy Wings.

Not only did they look delicious, but the rich scent of Johnny’s special 10-spice blend had my nose dripping with excitement. Before long, it was time to dig in!

To compliment the wings, Johnny prepared his special bleu cheese and had plenty of carrots of celery sticks for me to munch on. I settled into my chair, put on my wing face, and went to work…

They had just the right amount of Johnny’s Hot Sauce – not too much, not too little. Johnny’s special 10-spice blend was painted picture perfect on the soft, tender skin of the wings. I knew it had some kick as my nose hairs had been bumping and grinding since they were introduced to each other in the kitchen. The blend, which consists of sea salt, pepper, garlic powder, oregano, parsley (and five other carefully selected seasonings), shifted the dance party downstairs from my nose to my mouth.

After cleaning off my plate, I asked Johnny for a glass of water. He told me that water was for the weak and insisted I take a shot of hot sauce with him instead!

After wiping the sweat from my forehead, I looked up and there was Johnny with another plate of wings (I like his style)….

The second serving was just as good as the first. Not only did Johnny’s special 10-spice blend leave a savory taste in my mouth, but the wings themselves were sizable and the meat split from the bone on contact, making them extremely easy to eat.

So, how many wings did I throw back at the Meatball house? You’ll have to wait for the upcoming video from Jessica over at Full Out Media, who filmed our wing-travaganza.

Until then, check out the recipe for Johnny Meatballs’ “Special 10-Spice Blend” and Hot Sauce.

2011 Wing Count: ???
Johnny’s Hot Sauce and Special 10 Spice Blend
Rating: 4.5 Tums

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