It’s March And I Feel Good!

I have the best parents in the world. They drove 9 hours from Ohio to New Jersey to help me move into my new apartment. When the move was over, we made our way to Secaucus, New Jersey, to pick up some things to make my new place a little cozier. After three solid hours of shopping, it was time to eat.

This is where we stumbled upon Feel Good Restaurant & Lounge, a small family eatery just off the highway. The inside was very modern, dark and private, and the menu was extensive. I wasn’t in the mood for wings, but my parents were in town, so I had to show off!

I dialed up one order of buffalo wings, which is 7 wings for $5.95. 5 minutes after placing my order, it was time to wing out…

Small, crunchy and a little overcooked, they reminded me of the wings at Zak’s Oak Bar & Restaurant that I reviewed back in January. The meat was lacking and dry. On a positive note, they had some kick and my main course, the honey mustard chicken wrap, was tasty. I ended up eating six and my Dad had the other one.

If you’re looking for a quiet place to grab a bite to eat in Secaucus, check out Feel Good Restaurant & Lounge. Just don’t make a special trip for their wings.

2011 Wing Count: 313
Sauce: Buffalo
Rating: 0.5 Tums

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