Happy Hour Madness At Phebe’s

After eating four wings in honor of the Men’s Final Four at The Penny Farthing, it was now Friday and I had the itch for more wingage. I really wanted to try out a place I’ve never been before. I asked my wing buddies and they suggested I check out Phebe’s Tavern & Grill in NYC’s East Village. The name rang a bell. It took me a few minutes to remember how I knew of the place, then it came back to me. I went sharking for ladies there a few years back. From what I remember, it was a good scene. Phebe’s it was.

My friend and I walked into the bar around 7:15pm. The place was packed and wreaked of a sweet happy hour special. The hostess found us a seat and let us in on the secret to this madness taking place around us. All appetizers and beers were half off until 8pm!

I picked up the menu and atop the appetizers were their wings. Hot, mild, medium or BBQ, one order was $7.95, served with celery and chunky bleu cheese dressing. Before ordering, I wanted to know how many wings were in a single order. I rarely come across a menu that lists an exact number so I repeatedly find myself asking this question (take notes bar owners). I asked the waitress and she said didn’t know for sure. “The cook just grabs a handful.” That didn’t help me out much, so I turned around and peeked in the kitchen. All of the workers were short, so assuming their hands were also small, I dialed up three orders. Two medium. One BBQ.

Before long, out of the kitchen came our waitress with three plates of wings. The first plate contained 8 medium wings, the second 9 medium wings, and the third 8 BBQ wings.

After tallying the wings, I inspected the two medium plates. The wings were about the same size and shape of those at Lansdowne Road. The sauce was baked into the wing, giving the skin a crispy brownish-orange tinted texture.

For medium, they packed a punch. On a scale of 1-10 for hotness, I’ll give ’em a six. The skin wasn’t as crunchy as it looked. Instead it was surprisingly tender. The meat was juicy and cooked evenly. They were very easy to eat. I finished off the first plate of eight in the same number of minutes.

It was time to see what their BBQ wings were all about. Unlike the medium, they were sauce-ified, leaving a bird bath of BBQ on the bottom of the plate. The sauce itself exuded a bold sweet taste. They were extremely tender, requiring minimal effort to get the meat off the bone. I really enjoyed them, polishing off six quickly.

That night I ate 14 wings (8 medium, 6 BBQ). We also did work on some potato skins, twin chili dogs, and a few draft beers. With the half-off happy hour special, our bill came out to $24. Now that’s beautiful. On our way out the door, the waitress informed us that Monday and Wednesday’s special is 10 cent wings with the purchase of a pitcher of beer. Sign me up. I’ll definitely be back.

2011 Wing Count: 547
Sauce: BBQ, Medium
Rating: 3.5 Tums

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