Just Another Wingtastic Monday…

Not many people like Mondays, but I love them! Why? Because it’s 25 cent wing day at Lansdowne Road! This week was no different as four co-workers, one of their friends, and I made the three avenue trek from our Times Square office to take advantage of theirĀ  weekly meaty special. When I started coming here for lunch on Mondays back in January, it was just one other friend and me. Soon, word quickly spread around the office of the wingalicious lunches we were having. Now, I find myself rolling with a wingtourage!

Today, between the seven of us, we ordered a total of 90 wings. Here’s a snapshot of the 18 medium I threw back…

And the collective aftermath….

Great job guys. Keep on #WINGING.

2011 Wing Count: 602
Sauce: Medium
Rating: 4.5 Tums

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