Meet Me At McCann’s

McCann’s is an Irish pub and grill in Astoria, Queens. I had been told by several people that they made a mean chicken wing, so I decided to give ’em a taste. The picture above is of the front entrance to McCann’s. The bar doesn’t look very big on the outside, but it is surprisingly spacious and modern on the inside with pool tables.

I walked in and posted up at a table, where I was greeted by the waitress. She informed me of that night’s special, which just happened to be one order of wings and pitcher of beer for $15. That sounded good to me. The only choice I had to make was which sauce: buffalo, BBQ, teriyaki, or honey BBQ? Decisions, decisions. I kept it old school and went with buffalo.

Before long, an ice cold pitcher of beer and a plate of wings were in front of me…

It turns out one order equals 12 wings at McCann’s. Props to them for making it a perfect dozen as most places only ante up nine or ten.

These bad boys were doused in buffalo sauce and had my nose hairs screaming hip hop hooray…ho before I had a chance to make my first move! The party in my nose then made its way to my taste buds as I ripped the meat off wing numero uno. They were hot, but nothing the wingman couldn’t handle. The meat was tender and the buffalo sauce made its way through the thin skin, giving the wing full flavor to the bone. The bleu cheese was a little milkier than I prefer, but it did a good job of keeping my taste buds in check.

For under $20, I got 12 buffalo wings, one pitcher of beer, and still had change left for the bus! If you’re ever looking to get your wing on in Astoria, check out McCann’s.

2011 Wing Count: 650
Sauce: Buffalo
Rating: 3.5 Tums

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