Tackling The Wingstop

This past Friday night I received the following tweet from SBK Live, host of the #1 night time talk show in Orlando, Florida…

I talked wings on his show a few weeks ago, so I decided to call into the station and find out what kind of wings they ordered. After our chat, I fired up the laptop and investigated new wing joints in my area. This is when I came across a chicken wing franchise called Wingstop. Their website claims they are “The Wing Experts” and their national spokesperson is Hall of Fame quarterback, Troy Aikman.

Free delivery (I was feeling lazy) plus the whole Troy Aikman thing was a #WINGING combination for me, so I picked up the phone and placed my order: 10 mild, 10 lemon pepper. The total came to a little under $20.

Roughly 20 minutes later, the delivery guy knocked at my door with the goods in this sleek packaging…

I’d prefer to be called Ultimate Wingman, but Ryan works. I carefully opened the bag and discovered two very nice wing-tainers…

Which were housing my mild and lemon pepper wings…

The only thing missing was the bleu cheese, which I later found out costs an extra 89 cents per cup. WTF, really?

At this point, my hair was standing and my heart was pounding. I felt as if I was listening to the national anthem at a Cleveland Indians game. Once the fireworks were over, I reached for a lemon pepper wing.

These lemon pepper wings were small, but had a big, salty lemon pepper taste. They were cooked to crisp and the meat was airtight to the bone. The meat itself was surprisingly juicy for how well done they were and the lack of size made them very easy to eat. It took me about 15 minutes to finish off the box.

The mild wings were more sizable than the lemon pepper batch, but still on the small side compared to most of the wings I’ve eaten this year. The mild sauce had a little bite, but was erased quickly with a swig of water. Unlike the lemon pepper, these guys were extra tender and packed a lot of juice for their size. I finished off this box in 20 minutes.

Wingstop’s cool packaging and fast delivery gets 5 tums, but the wings themselves lacked size and the lemon pepper seasoning was a little too salty for me. The mild sauce didn’t really stand out, but both wings were very easy to eat.

2011 Wing Count: 712
Sauce: Mild, Lemon Pepper
Rating: 2.5 Tums

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