McAleer’s Double Pitcher Special

What’s better than a wing special? A wing and beer special! Last week I took my wing talents to NYC’s Upper West Side to investigate the wing and beer special at McAleer’s Pub.

Before I talk about my visit, let me tell you how I came across this place. My buddy Steve lived on the Upper West Side from 2002-2007 and his apartment was just steps away from McAleer’s Pub. When Steve went there he usually ordered the wing and beer special.

Eager to show me to the special and retrace his former stomping grounds, Steve rallied up his old Upper West Side roommates and convinced them to join us at McAleer’s.

That night Steve and I were the first ones to arrive at the pub. There, the waitress explained the special to us. It’s actually called the “Double Pitcher Special” and you get a free order of wings or nachos with the purchase of two pitchers. You can order two domestic pitchers for $26 or two imported pitchers for $36.. The special runs every day, from open to close. The wings are served in three flavors – Mild, Hot or XX-Hot.

We ordered the special and chose mild as the sauce for our free order of wings.
10 minutes after placing our order (just enough time to finish off my first pint), the waitress brought us a plate of 10 mild wings…

The plate was hot and the steam rolling off the wings silenced my allergies. Sprinkled with flakes of seasoning, they were big and their crispy skin was doused in mild sauce.  It was a beautiful site.

I grabbed a wing and went to work. They were meaty, evenly cooked, and full of flavor to the bone.  At first, the mild sauce wasn’t doing much for my taste buds. Then it crept up on me. By the time I was finished with my share of the first order, my mouth was buzzing. It was a pretty awesome feeling.

Steve’s roommates arrived just as we polished off the first free order of wings. We then dialed up four more pitchers which were accompanied by two more orders of mild wings. They were just as good as the first batch and gone in minutes. That night the specials kept coming. I don’t recall how many we finished off, but at one point the waitress informed us that we had reached our quota of specials per party (I think it was 4?). She couldn’t say no to our pretty faces and extended the special.

When it was all said and done, everybody was feeling saucy and our table was now a landfill of empty pitchers, sauce stained plates, and wing bones – ahh, paradise.

I threw back 19 mild wings and pounded my fair share of beers. Between the seven of us, our bill was $35 apiece including tip. Not too shabby.

If you like beer and wings on a budget, I recommended checking out McAleer’s Pub.

2011 Wing Count: 773
Sauce: Mild
Rating: 3.5 Tums

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