Prilosec + Ultimate Wingman = #WINGING

I applied for a Prilosec OTC Sponsorship in April and thanks to all of your votes, I am pleased to announce that they have agreed to sponsor me on my mission to eat 2,011 chicken wings this year. Check out Prilosec’s statement on their decision below.

Your love of chicken wings flew away with you, and now you’re well on your way to becoming a wing connoisseur. Your enthusiasm for “meat-ing” your goal of 2,011 wings this year gets us “fried” up. And, we love that you stay in touch with fans on your blog and other social networking sites. Your creativity made you a top choice for sponsorship.

In addition to this blog, I will also be posting wing count updates on this Prilosec OTC Official Sponsor Blog they created for me. Check it out, bookmark it, and share it with your friends!

Thank you guys for all your support. Without you, my wingtourage, none of this would be possible. #WINGING

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