12 Jumbo Wings At Bar 12

No, I wasn’t munching on these bad boys at a strip club. They were consumed at Bar XII (shirt required) in NYC’s Murray Hill. On Tuesdays, the jumbo wings pictured above are only 25 cents. I love me a meaty special, so I went there this past Tuesday to check out the wing-tuation.

I rolled solo (all my wingmen were busy with their wing women – zzzzzzz) to Bar XII, settled into a seat at the bar, and asked the bartender what the night’s specials were. He said the jumbo wings were 25 cents and come in one flavor, buffalo. I ordered 12 and an ice cold draft beer.

Shortly after placing my order, dinner was served. The jumbo wings were big, breaded and fluffy like a funnel cake. I wanted to cuddle with them. After ogling their curves, I dug in.

A lot of wings look good but as your mother always told you, looks aren’t everything. The buffalo sauce was non-existent. I don’t know if the cook forgot to sauce ’em up or what, but it wasn’t there. Instead, they had a deep fried chicken taste. Also, their hefty figure was deceiving. They were 60% fluff and 40% meat.

On a positive note, the beer was tasty and the service was great. If you like your wings big and breaded, check out Bar XII.

2011 Wing Count: 896
Sauce: Buffalo
Rating: 2

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