Keg and Lantern: Bring Back The Sausage-Stuffed Wings!

Above is a picture of the sausage-stuffed wings served up by Greenpoint’s Keg and Lantern at the Best Wings In Brooklyn Competition I judged this past February. They didn’t take home any prizes that day, but several people thought they should have, including my buddy Pete from Buffalo. He was very upset they didn’t win, claiming they were one of the best wings he’s ever had. This called for a trip to Greenpoint for a second tasting.

I got to Keg and Lantern at 2pm, where I was greeted by our friend, JP. Shortly after, Pete arrived. It was a picture perfect day – I was at the bar with my boys, sipping on a frosty beverage, about to add to my wing count – until we looked at the menu. The only wings on the menu were Chef DC’s buffalo wings – no sausage-stuffed! I asked the bartender what the deal was and she informed me that the sausage-stuffed wings were made specially for the Best Wings In Brooklyn Competition and offered on the menu for a limited time afterwards. Pete, who rode the train one hour just for the sausage-stuffed wings, was disappointed and left the bar. I myself wasn’t a happy camper, but I hadn’t seen JP in a while, so I decided to stay and try Chef DC’s buffalo wings. One order of nine wings was $7.95 and came with bleu cheese.

Sauced just right, their skin had a soft and silky finish. They had some kick, but nothing a swig of beer couldn’t put out. The meat fell off the bone on bite, making them easy to eat. I cleared my basket in 10 minutes. They were good, but they were no sausage-stuffed wings.

There’s still hope, though. The bartender asked the chef if they would be putting the sausage-stuffed wings back on the menu anytime soon and he said possibly in the Fall. Fingers crossed.

2011 Wing Count: 932
Sauce: Chef DC’s Buffalo Wings
Rating: 3

Photo: Cluckin’ Good

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