Breaking 1,000 At Bonnie’s Grill

After eating nine buffalo wings at Green Rock on Thursday and 16 medium wings at Lansdowne Road on Friday, I woke up Saturday with my wing count at 999 – just one shy of 1,000!

After getting my butt kicked during a personal training session at my gym, I came home and found out that Derek Jeter reached the 3,000 hits milestone. When I heard this news, I knew it was time for me to tackle my meaty milestone.

I sent a text message to my buddy Pete and told him the milestone was happening today. The only question was where? After thinking it over for a bit, we decided to meet in one hour at Bonnie’s Grill in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

I’ve never been to Bonnie’s, but I did try their award-winning buffalo wings at the Best Wings In Brooklyn Competition. There’s nothing pretty about them, but their taste. They are a true, gritty buffalo wing – fitting for a bar that only plays Buffalo Bills games on Sundays.

Pete, our friend Pat and his little baby girl, Indy, who was sound asleep in her stroller, met me outside Bonnie’s. As you can see in the picture above, Bonnie’s isn’t a very big place. We weren’t sure if the stroller would fit inside, but the helpful manager shifted around some tables to make us a comfy baby-proof section in the back.

After ordering a pop (Yeah, I’m from the Midwest), I glanced the menu. Bonnie’s buffalo chicken wings come in four flavors – mild, medium, hot, or “hotter… if you dare”, the menu reads. A small order (10 wings) is $7.95 and a large order (20) is $12.95. And last but not least, all orders come with celery, carrots, and bleu cheese dressing (take notes Buffalo Wild Wings and Wingstop). Pete and I both ordered 20 medium while Pat ordered 10 mild and a side of french fries.

It took a little longer than I expected for our food to come, about 20 minutes, but it proved to be worth it. You could smell the spices in the steam pouring off the plates as the server placed them in front of us. While we let them cool, I posed for a picture with wing 1,000.

As I raised wing 1,000 towards my pale grizzly face, Pat’s baby Indy, who was sound asleep up until this point, awoke to witness the meaty milestone. Pete clapped, Pat filmed, and the baby wiped her tired eyes for a better view as I chomped away at 1,000. It was a #WINGING moment I’ll never forget.

When the celebration ended, it was back to business as usual. We wing’d out like there was no tomorrow!

The wings were a consistent good size and doused in sauce, but not soggy. The skin had a crispy look to it, yet the meat was very tender. They required just the right amount of effort to extract the meat from the bone.

They reminded me of the wings I love so much at Green Rock in Hoboken and Lansdowne Road in Midtown, except Lansdowne’s are a little crisper. For medium, they packed a punch, so you better wear your big boy pants if you dare to dance with the hot or hotter sauce. Because of their size and all the emotions running through my head, it took me longer than usual to clear my plate. I wanted to savior the moment as long as possible.

Wings, drinks, and tip, we each threw in $20 and the bill was covered. Can’t beat that. Bonnie’s wings are the definition of buffalo wings. There’s nothing fancy about them. They just taste freaking good! I can’t say enough about the service at Bonnie’s. Without hesitation, they went out of their way to accommodate Indy’s stroller. Most places you’ll get an eye roll or UGH. Not here.

This was the first time I’ve been to Bonnie’s and it won’t be the last.

2011 Wing Count: 1,019
Sauce: Medium
Rating: 4.5

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