Pass The Hennessy

I woke up with no intentions to eat wings today, until I got to work. I settled into my Times Square cubicle, fired up my laptop, checked my Google alerts, and nearly crapped my pants. Time Magazine did a story on my wing project! Two days before, broke the story with this interview. Shortly after Time posted their story my inbox filled up with emails from restaurants and bars across the country asking me to try their wings and sauces. I even received a few radio interview requests. It was time to celebrate – with wings, of course!

Working in Times Square, my wing options were limited. So my buddy Clarence and I decided to hit up Dallas BBQ. I dialed up a half order of Hennessey wings, which is 5 wings. Wait, only 5? That’s weak, right? Hold up. 5 Dallas BBQ wings are equal to 10 regular sized wings because they are the whole wing – all three parts. They definitely filled me up but the sauce was a little too sweet. Also, they put a dent in my pocket. One order (5 wings) ran me $8.99! I know it’s Times Square and all, but c’mon man! That’s steep.

Overall, the wings weren’t that great (see my rating below). But you can’t beat the atmosphere. There’s a small, intimate seating area downstairs when you walk in and a massive cafeteria style room upstairs. If you ever make it out to Times Square, check it out and order a big ass coke and the “Early Bird Special.” Amazing deal. Details below.

TWO FULL MEALS FOR 2 chicken vegetable soups, 2 rotisseried half chickens served with cornbread and a choice of potatoes or yellow rice.

* Double white meat $2.00

* HONEY OR BARBEQUE basted $1.00

Monday thru Friday: 11 a.m. to noon, 2 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Saturday & Sunday: 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Must be seated by this time, dining room only. No delivery. No holidays. Not available for groups larger than 10 people.

2011 Wing Count: 59
Sauce: Hennessey
Rating: 1 Tums


It’s NFL wildcard weekend. Packers vs. Eagles. Aaron Rodgers vs. Michael Vick. Wings are a must. So I ventured to my favorite place to eat wings, the Green Rock in Hoboken, NJ. Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays they offer a .35 cent wing special. The sauces are simple: they only offer one house hot sauce, which is delicious. The best thing about these wings is their size and tenderness – they melt in your mouth. I usually kill 20 a sitting, but this time I only managed to eat 16.

If you even find yourself in Hoboken, I highly recommended grabbing an order of wings from “The Rock.” Also, on Tuesdays they offer 2-for-1 Pizza and $1 Domestic Mugs ALL NIGHT. Make it happen.

2011 Wing Count: 54
Sauce: Hot
Rating: 4.5 Tums

Croxley Ales For The Win… Again!

It was around 3pm Thursday when I started getting the meat sweats in my Times Square cubicle. I was going through wing withdrawal. No need to call a doctor, I know this feeling way too well. I haven’t consumed a wing since Tuesday. Yes, I have a problem. Anyways, I started asking my co-workers if they wanted to hit up Croxley Ales in New York City’s East Village after work. No takers. Then, I got an AIM from my buddy Andy, reading “bogizz” (That’s what he calls me – long story). I knew Andy wasn’t a wing freak like me but he does like to tip ’em back and I hadn’t seen him in 3 weeks, so I extended the invitation. He accepted, but he was going to be a little late because he had to finish up some loose ends at work.

I arrived at Croxley Ales, which has been my go-to wing joint in the city since I discovered it 3 years ago. On Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays they offer .10 cent wings. Sauces include, mild, medium, hot, and BBQ. While the wings aren’t the meatiest, they are pretty damn tasty for .10 cents. The sauces are killer, too. It’s also a great place to watch football on Sundays as they have a TV for every game and the wings are .20 cents all day. Tip: get there early and make sure your posse is with you because they will not seat you until your entire party is there. That night I ended up ordering 12 mild wings and finishing them before Andy arrived – they were that good and possibly the meatiest batch I’ve ever got from there.

If you live in the city, you’ve probably heard of Croxley’s. If not, definitely check it out. If you’re a football fan, definitely go for a game. If you’re an out of towner with a wing problem, put this on the top of your NYC checklist right next to the Statue of Liberty.

2011 Wing Count – 38
Sauce: Mild
Rating: 4.5 Tums

O-H… I-O!

January 4. The Sugar Bowl. Ohio State vs. Arkansas. Anyone who knows me knows I am a HUGE Ohio State sports fan, so I’ve been waiting for this day since November 27, when the Buckeys roughed up the Michigan Wolverines, 37-7. The Sugar Bowl called for a celebration. Where? Manny’s On Second (used to be called Blondies) in New York City’s Upper East Side. It is the city’s premiere Ohio State bar. You can find me there Saturdays in the fall, getting boozed and screaming O-H-I-O with other Buckeyes.

A bonus to the great sports atmosphere at Manny’s is their award-winning chicken wings. You can’t miss ’em. They are front and center on their menu:

Delicious, crispy deep-fried JUMBO chicken wings topped with your choice of wing sauce. Choice of sauce: BBQ, Honey BBQ, Honey Mustard, Teriyaki OR Buffalo flavor: Mild, Medium, Hot or Scorchin’ Comes with blue cheese, carrots and celery ($1 for extra)

I don’t know what awards they’ve won, but I’m not going to question their claims. These wings are to die for! Hands down one of the best wings I’ve ate in this city in my five years here.

That night, I ordered 20 medium wings, but only managed to scarf down 12 because my stomach hurt – not because of the wings (they were delicious as always), but because Ohio State almost fumbled away a 28-10 halftime lead. Luckily, the Buckeyes managed to hold on for a 31-26 victory. Sugar Bowl champs + my favorite wings = a solid night.

Buckeyes lover or hater, Manny’s wings are a must try for all wing lovers. Go get ’em!

2011 Wing Count – 26
Sauce: Medium
Rating – 4 Tums

Browns Lose, Willie McBrides’ Wings Win

Two buddies and I decided to meet up at a bar and watch the Cleveland Browns-Pittsburgh Steelers game, so I began surfing the web for places with cheap beers and more importantly, a wing special. Willie McBrides, an Irish pub in Hoboken, caught my eye. Not only did they have 18 HD TVs, but they were offering $2 Beers all day and a $5 wing special – sold!

We settled into our bar seats and ordered a round of beers and a round of wing specials, which is 8 wings for $5, served with carrots or celery sticks, bleu cheese or ranch dressing with choice of buffalo sauce (mild, medium, spicy), teriyaki sauce or BBQ sauce. I went with medium. The wings were steaming hot when the bartender brought them out, so I had to let them cool for 10 minutes. They were crunchy, tasty, and meaty. Can’t complain for $5. Between the three of us, we had three orders of wings and 15 beers. Our bill came out to $45. It totally made up for the pitiful performance by the Browns, who lost 41-9.

If you’re ever in Hoboken and want to partake in Sunday Funday with a budget, I recommend checking out Willie McBrides.

2011 Wings Count – 14
Sauce: Medium
Rating – 3 Tums