Keg and Lantern: Bring Back The Sausage-Stuffed Wings!

Above is a picture of the sausage-stuffed wings served up by Greenpoint’s Keg and Lantern at the Best Wings In Brooklyn Competition I judged this past February. They didn’t take home any prizes that day, but several people thought they should have, including my buddy Pete from Buffalo. He was very upset they didn’t win, claiming they were one of the best wings he’s ever had. This called for a trip to Greenpoint for a second tasting.

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Inside The Buffalo Boss

I was thrilled when I saw myself in the video above on the Buffalo Boss website. The clip gives a look into the vision behind Buffalo Boss, the chicken wing restaurant everyone’s talking about in Downtown Brooklyn, backed by hip-hop legend Jay-Z. When I judged the 2011 Best Wings In Brooklyn Competition I met the rapper’s first cousin, Jamar White, co-owner of Buffalo Boss, and tasted their “Fire In The Hole” wings, which I highly recommend.

Judging The 2nd Annual Best Wings In Brooklyn Competition

A VIP wrist band, a seat at the judge’s table with a personalized name plate, bottomless booze, and free wings from 11 of the best wing joints in Brooklyn served to me at my request. Being a judge in The Best Wings In Brooklyn Competition sounds easy, right? Not exactly. Let me tell you why. Wing connoisseurs like myself take a job like this very seriously. Before the event, I trained my stomach by eating 38 wings in three days. I also put an 8pm curfew on myself to make sure I was fully rested for the big day. After these grueling but necessary preparations, I was ready to go.

It was T-Shirt Time!

I threw on my fresh new Ultimate Wingman tee, printed out my directions from Hop Stop, and began my trek to Red Star Sports Bar & Restaurant in Greenpoint Brooklyn, where the competition was held.

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Hat Trick At Buffalo Cantina

Every Supreme Court Justice in this great country of ours must be sworn in over the Holy Bible before they can take seat. The same is true for judges of The Best Wings In Brooklyn Competition, except we are sworn in over chicken wings. My job is way cooler.

Nick D’Arienzo from Red Star, the bar hosting the wing event I will be participating in, invited me to Buffalo Cantina in Williamsburg so he could officially swear me in. Buffalo Cantina is a casual Mexican restaurant whose menu has an extensive wings section. Sauces include, Teriyaki, BBQ, Sweet Chili, Jerk, Chipotle, Buffalo Wings (hot, hotter, or suicidal), Pan Fried Tofu (plain, hot, hotter, suicidal). This place is also famous for its “Seppuku Challenge.” In 2009, Man vs. Food’s Adam Richman attempted the “Suicide Challenge”, an older version of the Seppuku Challenge.

In the Seppuku Challenge, you must eat 12 Seppuku wings (rumored to be 10x hotter than the suicide wings) in 3 minutes and remain seated for an additional 3 minutes after eating them. No blue cheese, dairy, napkins, gloves are allowed during the challenge.
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