Wingman Photoshoot At Green Rock In Hoboken

This past weekend, I did a photo shoot with my very talented friend, Lev Kuperman at Green Rock Tap & Grill in Hoboken, NJ. Check out Lev’s photography site here. I don’t have any photos to show you right now, but I can tell you that my white tee was drenched in wing sauce when it was over.

Mike and the staff at Green Rock were awesome! They helped us get set up and provided two hot plates of wings for the shoot. I ate all 18 of them and loved every bite. If you follow this blog, you know Green Rock’s wings are my favorite, so no need to recap them here.

Check back soon for the photos and a BIG thanks to Lev and Mike at Green Rock for making this happen. You guys rock!

2011 Wing Count: 923
Sauce: Buffalo
Rating: 4.5

Happy 9th Anniversary, Green Rock!

After throwing back 27 wings while judging the Best Wings In Brooklyn Competition, my 2011 wing count was 268, putting me 31 wings ahead of pace (5.5 wings per day) for day 43. My digestive system had worked extremely hard to build me this lead, so I decided to reward it with a little wing-cation. For the next 7 days, I replaced wings with salads and veggies. By day 50, I was fully rested and feeling good. I was ready to do what I was brought to this planet to do – eat chicken wings.

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My Life Is A Bliss

Yesterday I did my first ever radio interview. It was with Tom Dunne from News Talk Ireland in Dublin. He reached out to me last week after reading about my wing project. The chat was originally supposed to take place on Monday, but it got bumped back because the leader of their country was about to get kicked out of office – true story. I don’t follow Irish politics closely, but this was worthy of a little research. Ireland’s leader is Prime Minister Brian Cowen. Apparently, party lawmakers were unhappy with his handling of Ireland’s debt crisis forcing an early election. In September he was accused of being drunk and hungover during a radio interview. I like this guy. Anyways, back to my interview.

Since Ireland is 5 hours ahead of me over here on the East coast, the interview took place at 6:40am. That was a challenge for me. Let’s just say I’m not a morning person. The station called and before I knew it I was on the air, live and international!

After the jump is a complete transcription of the interview. It’s a little lengthy, but definitely worth the read. When you’ve finished reading, post your favorite quote in the comments.

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Jersey Cares, The Ultimate Wingman Cares

Yesterday I participated in the 3rd annual Jersey Cares Martin Luther King Day of Service, where I helped children craft “I have a dream” dream-catchers and charity wreaths. I told my buddy Jordan about it and he joked, “Did you show them the art of eating a chicken wing?” Haha. No, I didn’t but I did get wings afterward.

When the community service project ended, I considered going home and ordering from Wings To Go (their lemon pepper wings are off the hook!), but it was Monday and that means .35 cent wings at Green Rock, right? Not exactly. Now, I’ve reviewed Green Rock’s chicken wings before, so I’m not going to go into much detail about the wings themselves in this post. But I will go into detail about my experience.

I took a seat at a table and asked for 20 wings, which would run me $7 at the .35 cent special price. The server then informed me the special didn’t start til 5pm. I so badly wanted to ask if they could make an exception for the Ultimate Wingman but I didn’t. Anyways, I had to get 2 orders (9 wings per order) at $9 apiece, so I ended up eating 18 wings for $18. Not a great deal, but the wings were good. Lesson learned – don’t go for .35 cent wings on Mondays until after 5pm, unless the owners want to make an exception for the wingman 😉

I’ve rated Green Rock’s wings 4.5 Tums in the past, but since I didn’t get the special price, this time they get a 4.

2011 Wing Count: 93
Sauce: Hot
Rating: 4 Tums


It’s NFL wildcard weekend. Packers vs. Eagles. Aaron Rodgers vs. Michael Vick. Wings are a must. So I ventured to my favorite place to eat wings, the Green Rock in Hoboken, NJ. Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays they offer a .35 cent wing special. The sauces are simple: they only offer one house hot sauce, which is delicious. The best thing about these wings is their size and tenderness – they melt in your mouth. I usually kill 20 a sitting, but this time I only managed to eat 16.

If you even find yourself in Hoboken, I highly recommended grabbing an order of wings from “The Rock.” Also, on Tuesdays they offer 2-for-1 Pizza and $1 Domestic Mugs ALL NIGHT. Make it happen.

2011 Wing Count: 54
Sauce: Hot
Rating: 4.5 Tums